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Ensure that your indoors are safe from radon with the help of Carolinas Radon Resources, LLC. Unfortunately, high levels of radon can be found in several types of buildings throughout the Rock Hill area, from homes and offices to large businesses. In the majority of cases, individuals often get the most exposure at home because that is where they spend the most time.

According to the U.S Environmental Protection Agency, radon is responsible for over 20,000 lung cancer deaths in the United States alone. For smokers, the risk of developing lung cancer can be TEN times worse if living in a home that is exposed to elevated levels of radon. The U.S. EPA has set a radon active level of 4.0 pCi/L. However, any exposure to radon can increase the risks of developing lung cancer.

Keep your family and loved ones safe by calling our radon experts. We are certified, insured, and have a 100% success rate. We are passionate about creating safe environments and making sure that the buildings in the Rock Hill area are safe from radon. Call us today for a free quote and ensure your premises are safe.

Radon Mitigation Specialist Certification #: 16G018

Radon Measurement Specialist Certification #: 16SS101

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Radon Testing

The only way to make sure your building is safe from radon, is to test for it. Radon is a radioactive cancer-causing gas that should not be taken lightly. Although you may be able to find a DIY radon testing kit at a local hardware store, your safest and most accurate option is to hire a professional radon company. At Carolinas Radon Resources, LLC, we will test your home or business for radon and ensure your peace of mind.

Our certified radon specialists specialize in:

  • Residential radon testing
  • Commercial radon testing
  • Written certified reports
  • Detecting radon levels higher than 4 pCi/L
  • Radon reduction systems
  • Radon reduction techniques
  • Finding concentrated areas of radon
  • And much more

Any home or business can be at risk for a radon problem. Don’t risk radiation exposure in your building and call us today to have a radon test performed. Our professionals will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.

What We Do

Radon Mitigation

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Keep your home and business safe, and your family and employees healthy with the mitigation services of Carolinas Radon Resources, LLC. We are your one-stop-shop for radon mitigation services. We use top of the line equipment and the highest quality products and materials.

Our professional radon mitigation experts specialize in:

  • Residential radon mitigation
  • Commercial radon mitigation
  • Radon reduction systems
  • Radon mitigation systems
  • Radon prevention systems
  • Upholding EPA standards
  • Depressurization systems
  • Solving any radon related issues
  • Providing proposals, reports, estimates, etc.
  • And much more

For more information about our radon mitigation services, call us today. We will be more than happy to assist you with all of your radon needs near Rock Hill and the surrounding 120-mile radius from Charlotte, NC.

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